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 I hope this is enjoyable and useful to you!

Debra Spencer



This is the final issue in this series to help you sell your house for the best price in the least amount of time.  
It is likely the most important.

Remember, any home can likely be sold "as is",

but you will get considerably more for it by putting just a bit more time and effort into this.

Famous people look very different in the media than they do when you meet them in person;

makeup and presentation make an enormous difference,

and while they can't create miracles, they can work wonders.

Recall the the key points from the introduction to this series:
Minimize Clutter 
and then, Open House!

Remember: think like a buyer and have a critical eye.

Thanks for reading and I hope this series is helpful to you!



Some parts of your home will be more challenging  than others; which parts are challenging will depend on the type of dwelling you have, and how you've used it.

Homes with unusual configurations, or in challenging locations, or selling out of season, or substantially remodelled, may need extra attention to detail to compete.

This is why I provide each part of your home with a specialized checklist for it, and each checklist applies these same five important points to package each part of your house for sale. 

Even if you can't get to every detail, the checklists will help you to keep the basics in mind and to stay organized. When you're ready to begin work, print out and use each of the checklists, adding your own "To Do" lists to each one.  

If you can remember only one "take-away" rule from this entire series, it's REDUCE CLUTTER.

One person's "Pride And Joy" is just clutter to someone else. There is no accounting for taste.

Clutter blocks people from visualizing themselves living in your home.

Think "hotel room" and "theatre", and pack and store away all non- essentials and anything personal. Your buyers are considering buying your home from the front row of an intimate theatre, not from the rear of the cinema or behind a Rock n'Roll concert crowd. Once your home is for sale, think of your home as a hotel where you're staying until the home sells; in your mind, you've already moved out. 

Remember, to compete successfully and sell, your house must stand out from the competition as memorable in some way other than price.

No matter how fine the neighborhood, that cannot offset a dilapidated ill-kept dwelling in poor repair.

At the same time, your home has to encourage buyers

to picture themselves living within it.

Advertising and publicity can't do this for you; they just announce your house is for sale. 

This is the time to flaunt any unique aspect your house has, even if you hate it, because someone else might just love it.  

Remember the Cooper Eden saying, "When your socks don't match, stand in a flower bed"

and spruce up your home.

If there's a stairway facing the front door, stuck in the middle of the room and blocking the entry, then decorate the banisters with flowers.

Clean the windows until they sparkle,

and polish and wipe anything with a reflective surface

until you can see yourself shining in it.

Fix what you can.

Put love and enthusiasm into your house when you show it, and you will find a buyer who will cherish their new home.


Open House is Showtime!  

Just before an open house, walk through the house,

and walk around the property

outside the house,

and make a final check of all the details

that will make your house memorable.

Check that your family members have done the ongoing tasks assigned to them.

Plan a fun activity away from your house for your family during Open House Showtime.

Basically, once your home is for sale, think of your home as a hotel where you're staying until the home sells; in your mind, you've already moved out. 





Open the drapes

and shades.

Open the windows to freshen the air in all the rooms


(even temporarily, if the weather's bad).

Arrange fresh flowers throughout.

To make the home feel warm and bright, turn on the lights.

If you have a fireplace, build a fire.

Set out a game, book, or hobby projectin the living room,

family rooms,

and bed rooms.


Set tables with linens and fresh flowers.


Make sure the beds are made with "show" linens and new toss pillows.


Set out "show" towels in the bathrooms and kitchen.

Make sure all the rugs and carpets


are clean, bright, and fresh-smelling.

Empty all wastebaskets.

Pick up and remove any dirty clothes.

Clean and deodorize the pet areas. 

Store pet food bowls and water bowls; tidy the pet beds. Store pets.

Play soft music.

Turn off the television. 

You want to minimize distracting sounds, inside and out.

Set a comfortable temperature.

Do a last minute "once-over" cleaning, e.g. vacuum, sweep, and dust. Then check what you've done.

Finally, walk through and check every room again, just before the open house begins.

Make sure the home smells as good as it looks.


Many home owners bake cookies in the oven before leaving the home to the open house, just so the aroma of freshly baked cookies still permeates their kitchen.

Others brew some coffee.

These rich aromas help buyers feel right at home.



Pick up, and store, any lawn tools and toys.

Pick up after pets.

Top off any bird feeders.

If your area is prone to sprouting wild mushrooms, remove them.

If you're selling in the spring and summer seasons, and there are any vines or shrubs anywhere in your neighborhood, 

check for poison ivy


as it blooms and proliferates quickly.


Remove obstructionsfrom the curb view.

Clean driveways

and walk ways.

Check and empty the mailbox.

Check that the doorbell is in working order.

If you have a pool,

remove any distracting decorations.



Good luck selling your property!

Thanks for reading and I hope this series is enjoyable and helpful to you!

Best Wishes,

Debra Spencer


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All Content is © Debra Spencer,Suit Yourself™ International.Technical Library FAQ Index ISSN 2474-820X. All Rights Reserved. Please do not reproduce in part or in whole without express written consent. Thank you.



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